Pete Rock presents PEACE BELOVED The Movie by Ameer

Peace Beloved, a 3-pack project by Ameer is presented by the iconic Pete Rock and directed by the multi-talented Sean Johnson.  Ameer, a modern day visionary for the culture speaks on the many layers and meanings behind the project as well as themes of loss, education, the streets and much more. Ameer aka AMXXR has proven to be resilient and worthy of the time to listen, watch, and read.

Take the unloved and make it PEACE BELOVED.

“SOMETHING I WANNA TELL YOU” book by AMXXR is street philosophy masterpiece


The book by Ameer aka AMXXR has been revered by readers as a modern day masterpiece that speaks to multiple cultures simultaneously. From the kid on the corner to the Harvard grad student will all walk away with food for thought from AMMXR’s three chapters of philosophies on life, thought process and friendship management. The e-book will be available on iTunes and other media outlets. Take the unloved and make it peace beloved.


Good Guys Finish Last – AMXXR

The road to Peace Beloved and this installation reflects on what the title simply says. Peace Beloved is gaining momentum from a lot of influential industry insiders. The 3-pack experience has been deemed a must have for those who have had the pleasure of the pre-listening.