Summer Luv ft. GWeekes


‘Summer Luv’ featuring GWeekes from Boston, MA. is a complete vibe record that possesses all the elements of a summer day and night. From the verse to the chorus Amxxr and Gweekes smoothly execute and play off each other on this record. I recommend you add this to your playlist and tell a friend, cousin, mother, aunt, uncle well you get the point add ‘Summer Luv’ to their mix.

It is available on all platforms…make sure you give this intoxicating record some luv.

Until Tomorrow: Coronavirus Manifesto – EP

IMG_4341 (1)

Amxxr returns with his new release “Until Tomorrow: EP” a body of work speaking from our current state of events. This project provides an insightful, honest, and transparent view through Amxxr’s lens. It’s setting combs through the layers and emotions that have been fueled by the pandemic and speaks truth to power. Truth is universal, never let the numbers, likes or followers minimize the value of the art you create or words you speak.

‘UNTIL TOMORROW’ is out now!!! on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and all other music outlets.

Pete Rock presents PEACE BELOVED The Movie by Ameer

Peace Beloved, a 3-pack project by Ameer is presented by the iconic Pete Rock and directed by the multi-talented Sean Johnson.  Ameer, a modern day visionary for the culture speaks on the many layers and meanings behind the project as well as themes of loss, education, the streets and much more. Ameer aka AMXXR has proven to be resilient and worthy of the time to listen, watch, and read.

Take the unloved and make it PEACE BELOVED.

“SOMETHING I WANNA TELL YOU” book by AMXXR is street philosophy masterpiece


The book by Ameer aka AMXXR has been revered by readers as a modern day masterpiece that speaks to multiple cultures simultaneously. From the kid on the corner to the Harvard grad student will all walk away with food for thought from AMMXR’s three chapters of philosophies on life, thought process and friendship management. The e-book will be available on iTunes and other media outlets. Take the unloved and make it peace beloved.